Rx Vitamins Cranberry Complex 60 caps

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Cranberry Complex 60 caps

Each capsule of Cranberry Complex contains concentrated extracts of cranberry and uva ursi along with vitamin C. This formula utilizes 100 mg of a state-of-the-art cranberry extract called CranStat. CranStat is standardized to 5% (5 mg) anthocyanosides. The organic acid breakdown is 8.5% quinic acid, 7% malic acid and 19.5 % citric acid adding up to a total of 35% organic acids, the highest percentage available. Uva ursi has been standardized to 20-25% (20-25 mg) arbutin. Arbutin breaks down into hydroquinone, a compound considered important for proper urinary tract function. Cranberry Complex provides nutritional support to the urinary tract without the sugar and processing associated with bottled cranberry juice.

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