Renew Life SweetLIFE (shaker bottle)

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Product Description

Natural, Zero-calorie, Low-glycemic Lo Han Sweetner

  • Low-glycemic
  • Approved by the Diabetes Resource Center
  • 15 times sweeter than sugar
  • Zero calories and carbohydrates
  • FOS (from chicory) supports healthy gut flora

SweetLIFE is a Lo Han sweetener with no artificial ingredients. In China, Lo Han is commonly used as a beverage and a seasoning, and it has even been declared a "national treasure". Lo Han is 15 times sweeter than sugar, making SweetLIFE a delicious replacement for other less desirable artificial products. With no unpleasant aftertaste, zero calories and fat, and less than one gram of sugar (from low-glycemic fructose) per serving, it's perfect for beverages, cereals, meal replacement shakes, yogurt, and all of your favorite baking or cooking recipes.