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Product Description

What Is It?

Daily Stress Formula is a blend of herbs and nutrients designed to provide powerful defense from the mental and physical factors associated with occasional stress.

Uses For Daily Stress Formula

Mental Endurance and Relaxation: In addition to promoting memory and cognitive function, Bacopa monniera maintains healthy enzyme activity in the brain, supporting the ability to deal with stress. l -tyrosine has indicated the potential to promote cognitive function and memory under stressful conditions. , or eleuthero, is used as an adaptogen to help bolster adrenal function and stress resistance.

Metabolic Support: B complex vitamins, vitamin C and magnesium are included to help counter the effects of stress on healthy nutritional status.5 is especially important for boosting healthy adrenal gland function to strengthen the bodys ability to withstand stress.

What Is The Source?

Ascorbic acid, riboflavin (B 2 ) and methylcobalamin (B12 ) are derived from corn dextrose fermentation. 1 ), niacinamide, pantothenic acid (calcium pantothenate) (B 5 ) and pyridoxine HCl (B 6 ) are synthetically derived. l -Tyrosine (free-form) is derived from soy.extract is derived from the root and standardized to contain 0.extract is derived from the leaf and standardized to contain 20% bacosides A & B. extract is derived from the root and standardized to contain 3% total rosavins and a minimum of 1% salidrosides.flowers. leaves and standardized to contain 5% rosemarinic acid. and standardizd to contain 5% withanolides.

Are There Any Potential Side Effects Or Precautions?

In rare cases, certain ingredients have caused nausea, headache or fatigue.


Pure Encapsulations recommends 3 capsules per day, in divided doses, with or between meals.

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