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Coenzyme Q10 (“CoQ10”) and the omega-3 fatty acids DHA and EPA are vitamin-like nutrients that have numerous clinically proven benefits and functionally complement each other’s actions.1-3 But these nutrients have limited absorption when taken by mouth. This VESIsorb® combination of CoQ10, DHA and EPA is a bioavailability breakthrough, formulated to optimize the delivery of these nutrients to their exclusive site of action: the membrane systems of all the body’s cells.3,4 The cell membrane system is a network of interconnecting, ribbon-like structures that enclose the contents of the cell and also subdivide its interior into functionally specialized compartments.4 The cell membranes are essentially energy dynamos that drive all of metabolism.3 CoQ10, DHA and EPA all are building blocks for these cell membranes, and complement each other to support healthy membrane dynamics.- See more at: http://www.drbvitamins.com/products/vesisorb_coq10_plus_omega3_30sg#sthash.k9BsX3pJ.dpu