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The vitamin B12 family is generally referred to as the cobalamins, with cyanocobalamin as the most common form. Recent research has indicated that methylcobalamin provides an enhanced ability to support neurological function. Methylcobalamin helps maintain healthy glutamate activity in the brain, providing support for healthy brain cell activity. Methylcobalamin may also promote protein synthesis for healthy nerve cell maintenance. As a result, methylcobalamin has been shown to encourage healthy cognitive, memory, emotional, and nerve function. Methylcobalamin offers advanced support for a healthy nervous system.

Pure Encapsulations recommends:
Methylcobalamin = 1-3 capsules per day, in divided
doses, with meals.
B12 liquid = 1-3 ml daily, in divided doses, with meals, or
as directed by a health professional.
B12 liquid 5,000 mcg = 1/2 to 1 ml daily, with a meal, as
directed by a health professional.