Ubiquinol VESIsorb 60 capsules

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A cross-over, pharmacokinetic pilot study (single oral dose) in humanscompared a typical ubiquinol preparation to ubiquinol in the VESIsorb delivery system and demonstrated a 696% increase in peak blood levels (Cmax) and a 485% increase in relative bioavailability (AUC(0-24 hr)).

A clinical study of CoQ10 with the VESIsorb delivery system indicates a peak absorption of 16.97% compared to reported peak absorption of CoQ10 powder, an oil dispersion and a lipid solution which were at 2.15%, 3.34% and 5.44% respectively.

The VESIsorb delivery system enhanced CoQ10 bioavailability by 622% compared to oil-based CoQ10 and 499% compared to solubilized CoQ10.

Ubiquinol is the active antioxidant form of CoQ10, the preferred form for individuals over 40 or those experiencing increased oxidative stress

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