Pancreatic Enzyme Formula - 180

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Product Description

What Is It?

Pancreatic Enzyme Formula provides natural enzymes to nutritionally support proper digestive function.

Uses For Pancreatic Enzyme Formula

Digestion Support:Pancreatic Enzyme Formula is designed to aid the body`s natural digestive process.

What Is The Source?

Pancreatin is a full-strength, undiluted porcine extract, containing digestive enzymes lipase, protease and amylase in their natural ranges.

Are There Any Potential Side Effects Or Precautions?

At this time, there are no known side effects or precautions.

Are There Any Potential Drug Interactions?

At this time, there are no known adverse reactions when taken in conjunction with medications.


Pure Encapsulations recommends 1-2 capsules with each meal.

Now in acid-resistant capsules

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