Pharmax DHA FPFO Capsules, 90 Caps

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Product Description

450 mg of omega-3s per capsuleM
Contains 300 mg of DHA and 68 mg of EPA per capsule
Supports cognitive health and brain function
Promotes optimal cardiovascular health
Helps maintain visual acuity
Utilizes the NEO-3 natural EPA and DHA enrichment process

DHA Finest Pure Fish Oil Capsules contain 300 mg of DHA and 68 mg of EPA sourced from tuna per capsule. EPA and DHA help to maintain optimal cardiovascular health and promote cognitive health and brain function. DHA is particularly important to brain function, due to its influence on neural membranes. Recent research suggests that 90 days of tuna-sourced DHA supplementation (1,000 mg, providing 252 mg of DHA and 60 mg of EPA) helps to promote visual acuity.