Pharmax Finest Pure Krill Oil, 60 Caps

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Product Description

EPA and DHA for cardiovascular health
Provides 130 mg of EPA and 70 mg of DHA per day
Provides 390 mg of phospholipids and 750 mcg of esterified astaxanthin per day
Supports healthy lipid metabolism

Finest Pure Krill Oil is a blend of omega-3 fatty acids, phospholipids, and astaxanthin that provides an alternative to fish oil. The EPA and DHA in krill oil is primarily bound to phospholipids, which may improve intestinal transport and bioavailability. Krill contains astaxanthin, which is the carotenoid antioxidant responsible for its red pigmentation. In one randomized trial involving 267 adults, supplementation of 1g of krill oil (providing 200 mg of combined EPA and DHA) for 12 weeks supported cardiovascular health by maintaining healthy lipid metabolism.