Pharmax HLC Maternity + Pro, 28 Day Pac

Pharmax HLC Maternity + Pro, 28 Day Pac
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Product Description

Nutritional and intestinal support for pregnant women
Promotes a healthy gut microflora balance and optimal immune function
Supports the development of the brain, eyes and nerves
Supports the formation of healthy red blood cells
Provides 10 billion CFU from a combination of four proprietary, human-sourced strains
Includes over 20 vitamins and essential minerals

HLC Maternity + Pro includes human-sourced probiotic strains to promote optimal gastrointestinal and digestive health. The acquisition of a beneficial flora in the newborn may be supported if the mother takes a probiotic during pregnancy. Additionally, probiotics will help support the intestinal function of the mother during the pregnancy period. The strains in HLC Maternity + Pro are proprietary and provide strong epithelial adherence and a naturally high tolerance to stomach acid. HLC Maternity + Pro also includes more than 20 essential vitamins, minerals and antioxidants that aid in the development and maintenance of healthy skin, tissue, bones, cartilage, teeth and gums. It also provides magnesium to support proper muscle function. Beta carotene supports the development and maintenance of bones, eyesight and immune function. Folic acid supports healthy red blood cell formation and also supports healthy neural tube formation, when taken prior to becoming pregnant and in early pregnancy, in conjunction with a healthy diet and exercise program. Iodine supports normal thyroid function, and zinc supports optimal immune health. Chromium supports already healthy glucose metabolism, and the B vitamins, molybdenum, and magnesium support macronutrient metabolism. Each softgel capsule contains 200 mg of DHA and 45 mg of EPA, essential omega-3 fatty acids that promote cognitive health and brain function.