Pharmax FPFO - CAPSULES 120's, 120 Caps

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Product Description

Supports cardiovascular health and cognitive function with an EPA:DHA ratio of 1.4:1
Supports healthy serum triglyceride levels already in the normal range
Promotes cardiovascular health in adults
Supports cognitive health, brain function, and the development of the brain, eyes, and nerves in adolescents
Utilizes the proprietary NEO-3 processing technique to enrich EPA and DHA
Provides 524 mg of EPA and 375 mg of DHA per serving

Finest Pure Fish Oil Capsules contain a mixture of sardine and anchovy fish oils provided in an EPA:DHA ratio of 1.4:1, which helps to support already healthy serum triglyceride levels. Research indicates that fish oil supplementation providing DHA may support brain health and cognitive function.