EnergyPlus 60 Tablets

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Product Description

Each day, millions of Americans turn to stimulants—guarana, yohimbe, caffeine, ephedra, ma huang, etc.—to help them get through the day. But instead of generating energy, stimulants drain it, leaving us weaker than ever and placing extreme stress on the adrenal glands and cardiovascular system. With this in mind, we created EnergyPlus.

EnergyPlus reflects the holistic reality that the body can produce abundant energy only when all its systems—and all its cells—work in perfect harmony. Through its blend of Spirulina and Superior Herbs, EnergyPlus energizes and repairs cells throughout the body so that they can more efficiently make energy of their own. The result is clean, clear energy that you'll feel within minutes, and that lasts for hours—the kind of energy you enjoyed as a child.

Because EnergyPlus improves the functions of cells in every organ system and the blood, it not only increases energy but builds health in general. Thus, it supports immunity, enhances mental focus, and improves the hair, skin, nails, and so on. You'll notice that all kinds of things begin to improve when you use EnergyPlus.

In our newest reformulation we have added 150 mg of Cordyceps extract (the most potent on earth). As an amazing lung and kidney tonic, Cordyceps not only enhances everyday energy, but also strengthens the deep energy reserve (called Essence) to help your body cope with stress and maintain a healthy immune system.