glucosamine sulfate 500 mg 90 tabs

Metagenics Glucosamine Sulfate 500 mg 90 tabs
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Product Description

Glucosamine Sulfate helps support healthy joints and other connective tissues with glucosamine, a naturally occurring precursor for proteoglycan synthesis. Proteoglycans are key components of the ground substance that makes up connective tissue. Glucosamine Sulfate is excellent for joint health maintenance. Helps support healthy joints and other connective tissues by providing high levels of glucosamine, a naturally occurring compound in all connective tissues. Helps maintain the integrity of the cartilage matrix, which is crucial for healthy joint function. Supports the synthesis of proteoglycans, which are key building blocks in the formation of connective tissue. Supports the synthesis of hyaluronic acid—a major constituent of synovial fluid. May enhance lubrication and mobility of the joints. Provides glucosamine sulfate designed to be easily absorbed.