Proberry Caps 120 vcaps

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Proberry Caps - 120 vegetarian capsules

Elderberry is a traditional European anti-viral remedy with well-researched actions in protecting the body from the influenza"flu" virus in particular. Proberry Caps feature a critical 4:1 concentrate of elderberry combined with ARA 6 to optimize immune function.

Plant anthrocyanidins such as those found in elderberry, berries, and other pigmented fruits and vegetables have been shown to block the enzyme ornithine decarboxylase (ODC) that is responsible for the production of polyamines, growth factors which can be problematic when found in the body in excessive amounts.

Hence, the use of pigmented fruits and vegetables can be a valuable method of enhancing normal systemic detoxification.

To maximize healthy support of the immune system, Proberry Caps also contains a standardized extract of Acerola Berry, the domestic food with the highest concentration of naturally-occurring Vitamin C, as well as a rich source of synergistic bioflavonoids with among the highest antioxidant capacity found in nature.

Suggested Use: 2 capsules, twice daily

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