Uni-Bar Blueberry Almond 12 bar

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Product Description

Unibar Blueberry Almond - Kosher, wheat free, and gluten free!

The Blueberry Almond Unibar offers 13 grams of blood-type friendly protein.

Finally, there's a satisfying, energizing snack for when you are trying to eat smart. The Unibar is the healthy snack you donít have to feel guilty about! Designed by Dr. DíAdamo for all blood types ó including secretor and nonsecretor ó The Unibar is ideal for multiple uses:

  • a nutritious pocket-sized snack for a burst of energy between meals
  • a quick solution when you donít have time for a full meal
  • a clean fuel workout bar
  • or a healthy, handy treat
Unibars are made from the purest, natural food ingredients. Sweetened by nature with organic Agave Nectar. More slowly metabolized, with fewer calories and with a natural sweet taste, Agave Nectar is nature's perfect answer to great taste without processed sweeteners, refined sugar or other less healthful, less nutritious ingredients.

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