Banyan Botanicals Trim Support 500 mg 90 tabs

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Product Description

Trim Support gently detoxifies the body, supporting proper nutrition and metabolic function. Improperly digested food creates toxins that coat the digestive tract, inhibiting absorption and leading to the accumulation of fat in the tissues. Trim Support gently scrapes these toxins from the system while enkindling the digestive fire, allowing proper digestion, absorption, and assimilation.

When combined with exercise and proper diet, Trim Support can help one achieve optimal weight. Excess kapha in the form of fat and water can be successfully reduced as Trim Support works to support the pancreatic, splenic, hepatic, and renal functions. Strengthening and cleansing these organs helps maintain a healthy metabolism and regular elimination. In addition, cravings may be tempered, as the body receives the deeper nourishment it needs from proper absorption and assimilation of nutrients.

Supports Proper Metabolic Function & Weight Management

  • Supports proper metabolism
  • Helps control weight and reduces excess kapha
  • Maintains healthy digestion and absorption
  • Promotes elimination of natural toxins