Banyan Botanicals Stress Ease 500 mg 90 tabs

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Product Description

Nearly all health professionals agree that the stress of modern living is one of the biggest obstacles to maintaining health and well-being. As stress accumulates, many people find themselves exhausted as they try to juggle the responsibilities of their demanding lifestyles. Stress Ease helps the body cope with stress by supporting the resiliency and tone of the neuromuscular system.

Unlike the temporary jolts and inevitable crashes experienced with caffeine and sugar, this blend of herbs strengthens the system to provide a sustained source of natural energy. Stress Ease bolsters one's ability to surmount physical, mental, and emotional challenges. Its rejuvenative actions may be beneficial for those prone to fatigue, weakness, and feeling overwhelmed.

Balancing Formula for Coping with Stress & Fatigue

  • Promotes increased energy levels
  • Helps the body and mind adapt to the stress of modern life
  • Bolsters the immune system and stamina
  • Nourishes and strengthens the muscles